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Kitsat is available as a practical consumer pack. This small box contains one Cubesat, ground station unit, antenna, screwdriver and access to space community.

It's a starter pack of your own space programme. Juct click and pay, and the courier will bring a satellite to you. Soon you can also buy a Kitsat from selected shops around Europe.

But what a person can do with a satellite at home? 

1. Learn about the satellite technology and satellite operations.

2. Fly it! If you have a drone or balloon, it's even more fun, because tke photos and telemetry are more interesting when coming from flight.

3. Use it as decoration. Every space geek needs an own satellite!

4. Launch it to space. We're not joking, but recommend buying an extra kit for making satellite fully space worthy. We can help you in finding a good launch provider. Launching a satellite doesn't cost more than a good car.

Order your Kitsat at the Kitsat shop.