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Jari Mäkinen

Product manager, Sales

An award-winning science journalist with deep interest in space, flying and especially in spaceflight. Based in France, working globally mainly for the media in Finland.


















Tessa Nikander

Co-Founder, CEO

Tessa wants to make it possible for everyone to teach themselves about space. Tessa has been an entrepreneur her whole adulthood, before her studies in Aalto University, and she is experienced in product development.


















Anna Sillanpää

Partner, Design

You’ll see it from Anna’s eyes when we are talking about technology. She has experience with building a robot and sauna to mars, but also she has been working in IT industry with marketing and technical project management.


















Samuli Nyman

Co-Founder, CTO

Samuli has been a contributor for the Finnish space memes since 2016. Winner of multiple awards and serial entrepreneur from the age of 16, He is quite a doer.



















Bruce Clayhills

Partner, Engineer

Bruce has a degree from Aalto University in electrical engineering. He likes trains as well as building drones. He is not bad at swimming, either.