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Kitsat in use at Heureka
The Kitsat is a winning system consisting of the hardware, software and eduware – a full set of material about space and everything related.

Kitsat can be used in multiple ways: hang it to the ceiling, do some benji jumping with it, fly it with a drone or send it on a mission to the stratosphere with a balloon.

The satellite has a camera and a suite of environmental sensors for observations and measurements during a flight.

These can be used to teach Earth observation and other subjects related to science, the environment, technology and even history.

Kitsat Spaceplace is an extensive library of materials, which help teachers in education. These documents
can be downloaded from the Kitsat Spaceplace server. The site also has a discussion board for sharing experiences, as well as a product support page.

Spaceplace has spacey articles and news everyone can enjoy.

The Kitsat educational material is made to meet the standards of the highly reputed Finnish educational system.

Kitsat in use at Heureka