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Isar Aerospace's rocket ready for launch from Andoya (Rendering via Andøya Spaceport)

The first operational spaceport in continental Europe was opened on 2 November in Andøya island, northern Norway. German launch service company Isar Aerospace will do the first launch from there in the very near future.

In an official ceremony, H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon inaugurated the spaceport, an event which also marks a crucial milestone on Isar Aerospace’s path to its first test flight.

Fully constructed, the spaceport will host several launch pads. Isar Aerospace has exclusive access to the first launch site, which was built to Isar’s specifications, including a launch pad, payload integration facilities, and a mission control centre.

This setup guarantees the greatest flexibility and planning security for Isar Aerospace and its clients in bringing small- and medium-sized satellites to space. The launch site will support the two-stage launch vehicle Spectrum, which is set to carry out final stage testing.

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