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Andreas Mogensen and Loral O’Hara in the ISS airlock. (ESA/NASA)

ESA's Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen has been already for more than a month at the International Space Station. He has conducted loads of science experiments (as explained in this ESA article), and he also became the commander of the Station on 26 September.

The next major event of his mission is a spacewalk, also known as EVA, ExtraVehicular Activity. He will go out to the void with NASA astronaut Loral O’Hara to install a new camera and prepare an experiment for a future upgrade of the Station.

The EVA was originally planned for Thursday 12 October, but because of the coolant leak on the Russian side of the Station, the spacewalk was postponed.

As the tasks of Andreas and Loral are not urgent, NASA has decided to postpone the spacewalk to later in the year. This will give the engineers on the ground further time to analyse the leaking Russian radiator, found on the 9th of October. The leak has stopped and the coolant in the radiator is not toxic or hazardous, but as always at the Station, safety is paramount and all actions are planned carefully.

"Maybe I'll get an extra nice Christmas present this year", writes Andreas on X message service. 

This will be a spectacular spacewalk for him because he'll attach himself to the end of the long robotic arm and he will be moved through empty space to the work area on the ISS port truss.

Read more about the spacewalk on this ESA Human and Robotic Exploration Blog and watch a video explaining how the spacewalk will be done.

Andreas' Huginn mission website is here.