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Ill-fated Electron launch

Rocket Lab's Electron launched today experienced an issue during its 41st mission.
Following a nominal lift-off from Launch Complex 1, the rocket completed also the first stage burn and stage separation as planned, but at around T+ 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the flight, an issue with the second stage was experienced. This resulted in the end of the mission and the loss of Capella Space satellite.

Before this flight, Electron had flown 20 times successfully after the last failure (in May 2021) and delivered 171 satellites to orbit on 37 successful missions.

Watch the launch and anomaly on Rocket Lab live video recording or read the official statement from the company after the failed mission.

PS. Our WISA Woodsat satellite should have been launched soon also on Electron; we're waiting for more info from Rocket Lab about the launch schedule.