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Woodsat test model found
The Woodsat test item was launched to the stratosphere on 9 February 2022. It made a beautiful flight and we received loads of information from the "satellite" during its flight, but finally, it was lost – we didn't know the landing coordinates precisely enough for searching and recovering the satellite. Luckily it was found 6 months later.

Annukka Mustonen from Tuusniemi was walking in the woods with her dogs in early October day and found suddenly something special. A colourful parachute and a wooden box. 

She found our contact information and sent a message: "Is this thing possibly yours?"

Yes, it was.

Finally, the test item came down only 2.5 km off from the estimated landing site, and it supported very well the conditions. Likely the conditions in the forest for months were more demanding than the 2-hour hop to the stratosphere.

Annukka sent the satellite to us, and we recovered the data, but unfortunately, the photos from the flight were lost. The data about the boom release performance is still extremely important.

Thank you, Annukka & doggies!

Annukka and dogs