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Kitsats in our laboratory
Corona pandemic has slowed also our business, but we're preparing for the future by producing more satellites and developing software.

It has been indeed strange: no summer camps (except online versions), no small group work in the schools or science centres, and practically no other activity we planned in the beginning of 2020.

Luckily most of our customers – as we know – and we at Kitsat team have been healthy, but we're worrying about the others. And naturally we understand well the situation. The virus spreads when the people are together, and so group activities have to be limited.

We are using this slow period by producing satellites for the future, figuring out improvements and making tweaks to our software. 

So when the situation will be better (hopefully soon!), we're ready to rock right away.

Meanwhile: stay safe and stay mostly home!

PS. If you'd like to buy a satellite, now is the best possible time. Many satellites and all colours available!