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Kitsats in Beijing.
Kitsat was used in a test program in collaboration with Edutimes Group in Beijing, China. The program was launched during the Future School Anniversary in November 2019.

During the test program, Kitsat was used in several schools in Beijing, in a similar way it was previously used by Finnish schools and clubs. This program contributed a lot to the STEAM curriculum later developed for the Kitsat Starter Pack.

Hundreds of Chinese students got to use Kitsat, and Kitsat proved to be a popular platform for inspirational sci-tech learning. The most fun part was clearly being the satellite operator!


At this point of product development, Kitsat has already been tested on many different environments and had increased reliability for uses in classrooms.

The journey contributed to the development of the Kitsat Starter Pack, which will be announced on 12/2020. In China, Kitsat will be distributed through our partner, Edutimes Group.