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MAPHEUS-13 launch from ESRANGE

Do you know that small rockets, so-called sounding rockets are launched frequently from many places around the globe? One place is Andøya Space Center in Norway (our partner, by the way) and another interesting from our horizon in Finland is the ESRANGE Space Center near Kiruna in Sweden.

On Monday 22 May the MAPHEUS-13 rocket was successfully launched from the ESRANGE. The launch as well as the four experiments on board could be carried out as planned.

The payload was brought back to Esrange already within a couple of hours of launch. The German Aerospace Center, DLR, conducts zero-gravity research in the MAPHEUS campaign. The aim is to find out how gravity affects fundamental physical phenomena. But some more applied science was also investigated in one of the experiments.

Read more about the MAPHEUS-13 and ESRANGE at Swedish Space Corporation's website.